Breaking Away Career Preparation


Beat The Competition. Out-Prepare Them

The Breaking Away Process

A Firm Foundation

In order to build a strong structure one must first create a firm foundation on which to build. It is critical to examine and manage the self-created misconceptions that can impede one’s progress. In addition, candidates have the opportunity to examine and manage personal fears.

Create Who You Are
Some people have life-long dreams. Others are dealing with the dreams of others FOR them. Still, others are struggling to discover their dreams for the future. Candidates are guided through the process of defining their own passions through an examination of events and experience in their past. This exercise forces candidates to consider the priorities in their lives: wealth, power, public service, etc.
The Elevator Speech
In the time it takes to take an elevator ride, approximately 30 seconds, how does one describe oneself?
Preparation for the Interview
To be ready, the candidate should know the industry, the company, and the position for which h/she is interviewing and what data points in h/her history speak to h/her ability to take on the job. Thorough preparation is a sign of maturity and self discipline.