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Robert Benjamin, Chief Career Developer

Robert Benjamin, Managing Director at one of the nation’s leading investment banks, has for more than 30 years recruited and trained graduates from a broad spectrum of domestic and international business programs. He has held senior positions in management and sales in several of the nation's leading financial services firms. A number of those individuals recruited and trained by Robert have taken their place among the most successful professionals in the financial community.


After interviewing hundreds of candidates, he is intimately familiar with the characteristics of a well prepared candidate regardless of industry. As an international rower representing Trinity College, Robert came to understand the importance of setting ambitious goals as well as playing through pain to achieve them. Robert’s mission is to bring candidates to understand that they too can break through insurmountable obstacles.
In a business climate where professionals have been tempted to cut corners, Robert has lived by the mantra, “Tell the truth and you won’t have to remember what you’ve said.”