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Be Powerful. Be Confident.  Be Prepared.

 Times are tough. Employment is difficult to find.


Yet, everyone knows someone who has been hired to the position of his/her dreams.


It wasn't magic! It was hard work. Like any stand-out competitor, it requires intense preparation. People win because they do the work.



It's An Inside Job.



Personal power comes from the inside. Some people are born with it while others develop it.  It comes from ongoing practice and the realization that a person  is responsible for his/her own future. It's not necessarily the school, the parents, or money in the pocket. Employers want to know if the candidate is smart, willing to work hard, anxious to learn, and will he/she play nicely with the other kids in the sandbox.


The Breaking Away Program teaches that ok just isn't good enough. It has been said that a B+ might work in school but can get a person fired in the real world.  In other words, the job is not done until it's done.


If you truly want a life beyond the ordinary come work with Breaking Away. Discover your passion and prepare to live it.





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